Autonomous Intelligence
with Click-less Analytics

MachEye delivers autonomous intelligence on any enterprise data. Converse with MachEye in natural language to get actionable insights without needing to use a dashboard or analyze a report. And watch auto-generated interactive audio visuals to accelerate learning from any device, anywhere.

We are not AI-driven

Surprised? On the contrary, we democratize AI and drive it to ALL business users making it less artificial and more natural. Any employee can get real-time actionable insights and answers to business questions as easily as searching for a topic on Google, a product on Amazon, or a video on YouTube. MachEye will even anticipate an insight that you need based on who you are, what you have done, or what people like you are asking.



Within a year, 50% of analytical queries will be generated via search, NLP/voice, or will be automatically generated.


By next year, organizations that offer users access to a curated catalog will derive twice the value from analytics.

Instead of searching,
let insights find you

Dashboards, reports and search-based BI have been daunting for most users. Many employees do not understand the schema or know what questions to ask, or how to write SQLs. That all changes with MachEye’s click-less intelligence and auto-generated interactive audio visual business digests.


Maximize existing Analytics & BI investments

MachEye does not duplicate an organization’s data. MachEye connects to cloud data warehouses to help preserve legacy investments in analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) platforms, infrastructure, and people. MachEye was truly built in the cloud, for the cloud, and does not require any kind of appliance, real or virtual.

Democratize AI,
Scale Data Science

MachEye analyzes data as data scientists do but simplifies and explains it as would a business user. MachEye never stops asking why and finds related patterns in organization’s oceans of business data using your own ML models or AutoML models generated by MachEye within minutes of getting access to enterprise data.

It DOES NOT TAKE time to save time

Get started with MachEye in less than 10 minutes to start receiving your 100-second long business digests you had no idea about.